Ronald J. Hagen

ronald-hagenCompany: United States Air Force

Location: Gulfport, MS United States



GULFPORT, MS, February 3, 2017, Ronald J. Hagen, of the United States Air Force, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in nutritional medicine.

Mr. Hagen brings 30 years of professional experience to his position with the United States Air Force.  Throughout his career, he has set himself apart as an expert in the areas of diet therapy and nutritional medicine. Each day, he is responsible for managing nutritional medicine operations. Through the Air Force, Mr. Hagen was deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm and Chile earthquake relief, and he participated in a national-level exercise.

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MAJ Barbara S. King


Title: Performance Assessment Officer

Company: National Guard Bureau

Location: Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA, October 28, 2016, Maj. Barbara S. King, Performance Assessment Officer with the National Guard Bureau, has been recognized by Elite American Military, for dedication, achievement and leadership in performance management.


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Fredrick Wallace Sr.

Wallace, Frederick 2091610Title: Independent Lifestyle Consultant

Company: MWR Life

Location: El Paso, TX

El Paso, TX, August 17, 2016, Frederick Wallace, Independent Lifestyle Consultant of MWR Lifestyle Consultant, has been recognized by Elite American Military, for dedication, achievement and leadership in direct sales.

Mr. Wallace’s experience in the U.S. Army prepared him for his career in direct selling. As a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army for more than three decades, he became well-versed in shopping services while doing research. He translates his experience in the service to being a good leader, and encourages others to join his business and obtain a residual income. In addition, Mr. Wallace trains those who come into the business on how to make money and how to use the products and services to the best of their abilities. MWR Life focuses on unique service offerings, including emergency helicopter services, roadside assistance, information technology support, identity theft protection, tax hotline and more. The company offers home-based business opportunities, and Mr. Wallace works to provide people from all walks of life with the opportunity to better themselves. Continue reading

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Merle Schneider

Merle SchneiderTitle: Trustee for Development

Company: Save Historic Arlington House, Inc.

Location: Arlington, VA

ARLINGTON, VA, August 11, 2016, Merle Schneider, Trustee for Development at Save Historic Arlington House, Inc., has been recognized be Elite American Military for dedication, achievements and leadership in protecting the country and its historic sites.

Ms. Schneider comes from a military family and grew up learning about the value of service from her father, a retired colonel in the United States Army. She joined the Marine Corp. in 1969 and served her country for 21 years as an officer during a time when there were very few women serving in the Marines. After retiring from military service, she got involved with the American Red Cross. For her dedicated service, Ms. Schneider was honored with the Defense Meritorious Service Award by the Secretary of Defense, a Navy Achievement Award and a Navy Commendation Award.

Still committed to her country, Ms. Schneider draws on her past experience and strong skill set to serve as a trustee for development for the Historic Arlington House. She was recruited to work for Arlington House by her next-door neighbor, who is a retired four-star general and descendant of Quartermaster General of Union Army, six years ago and has become an integral part of its success. Ms. Schneider is determined to restore the house to its original state of appearance in 1860. The Arlington House is located inside Arlington Cemetery and housed some of the United States’ most well-known public figures, including Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and members of George Washington’s family. In her role, Ms. Schneider is responsible for fundraising, coordinating various events and projects, and promoting the restoration of the Historic Arlington House. Continue reading

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Robert W. Doyle

Doyle, Robert 1715204Title: 1) Director of District Five 2) Operations Security Director

Company: 1) Florida Veterans Foundation 2) Veterans Memorial Center

Location: Merritt Island, FL

Merritt Island, FL, July 21, 2016, Robert Doyle, Director of District Five of the Florida Veterans Foundation and Operation Security Director of the Veterans Memorial Center, has been recognized by Elite American Military, for dedication, achievement and leadership in military service.

Mr. Doyle is fueled by the support of his family to continue working in veteran affairs and expanding programs for members. His three children, Danielle, William and Erin inspired him to keep going. Coupled with his military training, work ethic and discipline, Mr. Doyle has been active for more than 40 years, with the last five years especially focused in his work at the Florida Veterans Foundation and the Veterans Memorial Center. In these roles, Mr. Doyle intervenes and coordinates in inter-agency matters, handles day-to-day operations, oversees volunteers and community service individuals at the facility, assists in multi-agency matters and interviews paid employees.

Prior to joining his current positions, Mr. Doyle served as a commander with the American Legion. He observed that he could help more veterans on a statewide level rather than on just local levels. Mr. Doyle is reminded of how important his work is when reflecting on a personal career highlight, citing it as the first time he was able to obtain approval for an assistance package for a veteran in need. To prepare for working towards this goal and other similar goals, Mr. Doyle holds various military and law enforcement certifications. He is certified in crowd control management and in teaching firearms and tactical maneuvers to police and military personnel.  Continue reading

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Greg Todd

Todd, Greg 2119855Title: Owner

Company: GTG & Co. Ltd.

Location: Loveland, CO

Loveland, CO, July 18, 2016, Greg Todd, Owner of GTG & Co. Ltd., has been recognized by Elite American Military, for dedication, achievement and leadership in industrial solutions.

As the owner of a company, Mr. Todd is responsible for many facets of the growth and development of his company. Focusing on technology solutions and energy applications, with attention on research and development services for military and civilian applications, GTG & Co. Ltd. has provided quality service throughout the ten years it has been in operation. Mr. Todd lends his expertise to matters concerning problem-solving, defining, testing, refining and implementing strategic plans. In addition, he is involved with competitive analysis, customer satisfaction, logistics and communication.

In a closer scope, Mr. Todd oversees all business development while implementing comprehensive internal and external marketing plans. He develops relationships with military and civilian clients in order to build business and pursue opportunities in key industries. Mr. Todd comes from a military background, having served six years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Four of those years were active as a non-commissioned officer and two years were spent in the reserves. He earned a degree in leadership training from the United States Marine Corps. His time in the military has echoed throughout his career in being an owner of his business and in various project management positions. Continue reading

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Jeremy Franzen


Franzen, Jeremy 1897894Title: Senior Director of Internet Operations

Company: Shutterfly, Inc.

Location: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA, May 20, 2016, Jeremy J. Franzen, Senior Director of Internet Operations at Shutterfly, Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Military, for dedication, achievement and leadership in technology and management.

Between nearly 20 years in civilian work and 24 years dedicated to the U.S. Marine Corp, Mr. Franzen supplies his vast experience to the photography services company, Shutterfly. Mr. Franzen joined the company in early 2015, and on a daily basis he oversees a team of 30, manages more than 180 petabytes of data, which he builds on an international scale, as well as budgets responsibilities and profits and losses. His network services extend to the company’s data center, storage, image archive, and he aims to facilitate his teams to successful performances. Continue reading

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Major General Joseph Nguyen

Nguyen, Joseph 1961917Company: GPSHBLPO – Global Public Safety Human Being Life Protection Organization

Title: President

Location: Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, NJ, April 14, 2016, Major General Joseph Nguyen, President of the Global Public Safety Human Being Life Protection Organization, has been recognized by Elite American Military for his dedication, achievements and leadership in anti-terrorism efforts.

“We must find a way for people to comply so that they do not practice terrorism,” says Mr. Nguyen, who has been committed to protecting others for more than 31 years. An Asian-American from Saigon, Vietnam, he believes that the U.S. is the key to unlocking peace across the globe. He says if the U.S. were to implement new laws and international force, it’d be the first step toward a new world order. He established his nonprofit organization to conduct research and develop a plan to bring to the government to help stop terrorism in his lifetime. Continue reading

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Michael Raymond Callahan

Michael Raymond CallahanTitle: Maintenance Worker II (Retired)

Company: U.S. Army/Clarks County Parks and RPM

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV, April 8, 2016, Michael Callahan, Former U.S. Army professional and retired Maintenance Worker II for Clark County Parks and RPM, has been recognized by Elite American Military for his dedication, achievements and leadership in public safety.

In his current capacity, he handles maintenance of all facilities including all grounds maintenance-irrigation systems, arbor services, horticulture services, conducts emergency services training for cadets, consults with information and safety officers, and writes grants for nonprofit organizations. Mr. Callahan is also in charge of overseeing inspections and assessing risks. He holds a particular expertise in the area of grounds, horticultural and irrigation maintenance. Continue reading

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Alan Reid

Alan ReidTitle: U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), Senior Information Systems Analyst

Company: A2Z, Inc., Logistics Services

Location: Vista, CA

Alan C. Reid is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Senior Information Systems Analyst for A2Z, Inc., Logistics Services, an information systems logistics and support company. With more than 31 years of professional experience in information technology management, Mr. Reid pinpoints the major highlights of his career as the planning, coordination and successful deployment of 3rd Marine Air Wing Information Systems and support to Iraq in execution of the global war on terrorism. In the scope of three months, he set up three disparate locations to support 27 aviation units and two support ships consisting of 216 aircraft and more than 5,000 personnel working with local computer systems to satellite communications. Continue reading

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