Lt. Col. Christopher L. Canada

CanadaTitle: Director of Staff (Ret.)

Company: 55th Wing, U.S. Air Force

Location: Offutt AFB, NE

Lt. Col. Christopher L. Canada is the former Director of Staff for the 55th Wing of the U.S. Air Force. Prior to his retirement, Lt. Col. Canada was assisting in policy-making decisions; he was also responsible for consulting, training, and providing executive decision support. At this time, he is available for consulting opportunities. Lt. Col. Canada is a 25 year veteran of the United States Air Force. From 2008 until the present, he has been the Chief of Staff for the 55th Wing, getting involved in deciding policies. Lt. Col.  Canada holds an MBA and a Diploma from Air War College. He is considered an expert in aviation as well as Executive decision support and management leadership support. He is affiliated with the Air Force Association and the Association of Old Crows. Since his retirement, Lt. Col. Canada has taken more of an active role in tactical leadership support, and he feels that he has been able to thrive on this front and over the course of a successful career due to sheer perseverance.

Canada cert

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