Michael Diggs

DiggsTitle: Sergeant Major

Company: United States Marine Corps

Location: New River, NC

Michael Diggs, Sergeant Major of the United States Marine Corps, has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of military service.

Sgt. Maj. Michael Diggs embarked on a career in the military in 1984, drawn by the prospect of seeing the world. Since then, he has done more than expand his own horizons; as a respected leader and mentor, he works tirelessly with Marines, leading and mentoring them, ensuring their well-being as well as their families’, and executing all unit ceremonies. Sgt. Maj. Diggs attained his rank in 2004 and is deeply proud to be one of only a few to achieve the feat – less than a half-percent of U.S. Marines ever become a Sergeant Major. He attributes his success to his ambition and leadership skills.

Other honors of which Sgt. Maj. Diggs is a recipient include a Meritorious Service Medal and a Keystone Fellow status with the National Defense University. He is a leadership honor graduate of the Drill Instructor School and the Non-Commissioned Officers School, a distinguished graduate of the Non-Commissioned Officers School and Career Course, and an honor graduate of the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Advanced Course.

A graduate of the University of Management and Technology, Sgt. Maj. Diggs received his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2008 and is scheduled to complete his master of business administration degree in human resources management in the spring of 2011. He is also a certified personal trainer and a certified tax preparer. He maintains active affiliation with the National Association of Tax Practitioners, the Non-Commissioned Officers Association, the U.S. Marine Corps Drill Instructors Association, the National Honor Society, the American Legion, the Marine Corps League, and the Marine Air Traffic Controllers Association. Mr. Diggs gives generously to Hope for the Warriors and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. An avid runner, he participates in marathons for charitable causes and mentors children and other runners when he is off-duty. He is a frequent volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and plans to increase his involvement with the youth as a mentor and educator in the coming years.

Diggs cert

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