Billy D. Wilkerson

Billy D. WilkersonTitle: Quality Assurance Specialist, Army Contracting Command

Company: United States Department of Defense

Location: Fort Polk, LA, United States

Billy D. Wilkerson is a Quality Assurance Specialist for the Army Contracting Command of the United States Department of Defense. In his current capacity, Mr. Wilkerson makes the most of his mechanical expertise, as he is primarily responsible for overseeing government contracts for the U.S. Army and ensuring quality service in an entrée, trainee level capacity in Career Program #15. He is also in charge of performing duties characteristic of the specific occupational series for GS-1910, accomplishing a variety of developmental duties in support of the overall work of the organization. Assignments are selected to broaden skills and provide practical experience, as prescribed in the Master Intern Training Plan, for progressively more complex assignments. As a trainee, Mr. Wilkerson performs inspection and quality evaluations to ascertain the effectiveness of individual and overall operations. He reads and comprehends published guidance and policy documents, and ensures the appropriate quality characteristics have been integrated into the product. Mr. Wilkerson also monitors the products and services through life cycle and the supply chain. He validates and verifies all adherences to specified requirements through test and measurements activities. Additionally, he oversees and manages quality assurance activities. His duties performed may vary by position, and include, but are not limited to serving as command consultant for contract quality assurance with responsibility for directing, developing and implementing quality assurance policies that support contract surveillance management. The highlight of his career occurred when he was stationed in Hawaii and was a shop foreman for his unit, which won the All Army Maintenance Award for 1996.

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Billy D. Wilkerson

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