Dawn M. Yoshii

Dawn M. YoshiiTitle: Lead, Acceptance Implementation and Policy

Company: United States Military Entrace Processing Command Headquarters

Location: Beach Park, IL, United States

BEACH PARK, IL, July 24, 2013, Dawn M. Yoshii, Lead of Acceptance Implementation and Policy for the United States Military Entrance Processing Command Headquarters, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements, and leadership in quality assurance.

Lauded as an expert in her field, Ms. Yoshii strives for excellence in her every endeavor, lending nearly three decades of professional experience to a proven leader in the government industry, which stands proudly as the vital link between recruiting and training today’s armed forces. At her post, Ms. Yoshii makes the most of her proficiencies in software testing and quality assurance, and her heightened capabilities to properly capture individual data by adeptly preparing and conducting management analyst functions related to flow analysis, automated processes, data management, system interfaces, forms management, and process re-engineering and improvements, associated with USMEPCOM entrance processing.

Ms. Yoshii has spent more than 26 years with USMEPCOM, and she continues to nurture and build on an ever emergent skill set. Over the years, she has completed military training, and she shines as a luminary in her field who possesses keen and finely tuned project management, administrative and public speaking skills. She feels that she has been set apart by others in her field by her persistence, single-mindedness, perseverance, resolve and tenacity, and by her commitment to experiencing continued growth throughout an illustrious career that has spanned nearly 30 years.

In addition to her talents as an effective communicator, analyst and project manager, Ms. Yoshii holds proficiencies which encompass technical platforms, as well. She is practiced in the area of the Microsoft Office suite, and she remains abreast of trends and developments in technology by reading Systematic Software Testing. She also enjoys spending time with her family, exercising and fishing when she is not brushing up on her skills.

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Dawn M. Yoshii

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