Erin Sherry

Erin SherryTitle: Engineering Officer

Company: U.S. Navy

Location: Jacksonville, FL, United States

JACKSONVILLE, FL, October 3, 2013, Erin E. Sherry, Engineering Officer for the United States Navy, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the protection of the United States.

Ms. Sherry has a strong military background, which has helped her succeed in her position over the past 11 years. A tenacious spirit, she is tasked with inspecting the ships and assessing the problems to meet the mission’s requirements. Ms. Sherry began her professional journey as a main propulsion division officer on the USS Mason. She worked on the ship for two years before becoming an assistant operations and material officer for Middle East forces. Ms. Sherry also served as a personnel management director, maritime engagement officer, executive director and chief engineer before assuming her current post. Her positions have helped her become a strategic and tactical leader who excels at solving problems, managing diverse teams and resolving conflicts.

Ms. Sherry draws on the knowledge she has learned throughout her career to mentor and train other industry professionals. Her approachable nature makes her a sought after expert when military personnel need advice about main propulsion operations and maintenance. Ms. Sherry attributes all the success she has experienced in her career to her hard work and dedication. In the coming years, she would like to continue advancing her career with the Navy and making a difference in the world.

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Erin Sherry

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