Georgia Kathrine Desjarlais

Georgia Kathrine Desjarlais Title: Retired Lieutenant Commander

Company: U.S. Navy

Location: Drummonds, TN

Georgia Kathrine Desjarlais grew up in a small town, which made it difficult to pursue a college education. By joining the United States Navy, she was able to expand her horizons. Ms. Desjarlais served her country for many years and retired as a lieutenant commander. During her service, Ms. Desjarlais spent seven years as a cook and fed up to 2,000 people each meal. She also served as a supply corps officer for 17 years and was responsible for ensuring accurate material stowage and disposal, and overseeing spare parts and the payroll for 2,500 sailors, as well as handling over $1.3 million in inventory. Although focusing her professional efforts of selling Avon products, Ms. Desjarlais continues to stay active in the military community through her affiliation with local organizations. She is a board member of Tipton County Veterans’ Council, secretary and treasurer for Tennessee Council of Chapters of the Military Officers Association of America, member of the Navy Mustang Association, and Aleutian Islands Veterans Association.

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Georgia Kathrine Desjarlais

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