Nicole M. Fay

Nicole M. FayTitle: Calibration Services Specialist

Company: Lockheed Martin Corporation

Location: Silverdale, WA, United States

Nicole M. Fay is a Calibration Services Specialist with the Lockheed Martin Corporation, a leading defense and aerospace company. In her role with the provider of aeronautics, missiles and fire control, and mission systems and training services, Ms. Fay utilizes her keen attention to detail, assiduously scheduling fleets for the Lockheed Martin calibration lab, and ensuring the fleet will have all equipment needed and calibrated properly. Ms. Fay conducts mentoring programs through GEMS, for girls from fifth through 10th-grade. The annual career day is an event where they have the opportunity to meet woman who currently have occupations in various fields with jobs such as pilots, police, doctors and engineers. She also conducts middle and high school programs exposing children to remote operating vehicles for underwater research. She has been able to secure funding for Lockheed Martin employees to help students build their ROV’s in the classroom and actually run them in the pool to see how their designs perform in the environment they were designed for. She collaborates with teachers, volunteer divers, and the president of Underwater Admiralty Sciences to make each year an improvement from the previous. Above everything else, her true love is raising her two wonderful children, Blake and Madison. As a single mother, she does her best to encourage and support her children in everything they do, from school to their achievements in their Tae Kwon Do classes.

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Nicole M. Fay

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