Ryon Adams

Ryon AdamsTitle: AFPAK Hands Officer

Company: U.S. Government

Location: Arlington, VA

ARLINGTON, VA, December 6, 2013, Lt. Col. Ryon F. Adams, AFPAK Hands Officer for the United States government, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements and leadership in the protection of the United States of America.

Lt. Col. Adams has been serving his country for nearly 20 years and is recognized for his leadership capabilities, logistics experience and information civilian casualty mitigation knowledge. He is currently in Afghanistan serving as the deputy director for ISAF at the Presidential Information and Coordination Center (PICC) at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Adams is responsible for overseeing the duties of three watch officers from various service branches, engaging Afghan government representatives on issues such as civilian casualties, key leader visits, palace projects and friendly/enemy operations, and ensuring that reports and information are properly shared and vetted between ISAF and Afghan leadership.

Prior to this deployment, Lt. Col. Adams served the military in a variety of positions. He was a platoon leader, assistant property book officer, assistant S4, materiel readiness officer, brigade transportation officer, terminal operations officer, company commander, operations officer, executive officer, division transportation officer and staff officer. Throughout his military career, Lt. Col. Adams lived and worked in Colorado, Virginia, Alaska and Louisiana. He was also deployed to the Republic of Korea, Kuwait and Afghanistan, played a role in the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Lt. Col. Adams has also trained countless soldiers, coordinated hundreds of operations, and managed military property and weapons worth millions.

Lt. Col. Adams is continually seeking the most up-to-date certifications and taking courses to better prepare him for his military responsibilities. He recently completed the Joint Security Force Assistance (Combat Advisor) course and an evasive driving course given by Bill Scott Racing. He also completed Phase IV, AFPAK Hand Dari language training through DLI-Washington at Diplomatic Language Services (DLS), achieved a 2/2/1+ level of speaking/listening/reading Dari proficiency on the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT), and completed Afghanistan Regional Expertise Training (RET) given by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at the National Defense University in Washington, DC. Lt. Col. Adams’s educational credentials also include:

MMAS in military history, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

MSA in general administration, Central Michigan University

JD, University of Houston Law Center

Bachelor of Science in management, Case Western Reserve University

Lt. Col. Adams’s varied experience has made him a strong asset as he is an expert in Afghan culture, and speaks Spanish and has some knowledge of the Japanese and Persian languages. He attributes his success to his willingness to learn, hard work, and ability to follow the examples of good leaders and peers. In the coming years, Lt. Col. Adams hopes to continue in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands Program and potentially obtain a battalion command position.

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