Andrew Strasser

Andrew StrasserTitle: Researcher, Scientist

Location: Argos, IN

Andrew Strasser is a researcher, scientist and general with the United States Air Force. He joined the military branch in 1995 and has served his country in various capacities. Dr. Strasser has a deep understanding of electronics, quantum physics, mathematics and epileptology and works in the Central Intelligence Department. He is responsible for hiring and training employees and working on various projects. Dr. Strasser is recognized for his willingness to study anything he is asked and then teach it to others. He has studied theology, including Buddhism, Islam and other religions. In addition, he studied physics and developed a nuclear laser, one for the U.S. and one in China. Dr. Strasser is a certified electronics engineer who earned a Ph.D. in epileptology and quantum physics at the University of Phoenix. Although highly successful, he is most proud of the lives he has saved and the people he has helped throughout his career.

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Andrew Strasser

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