Anthony Fey

Anthony FeyTitle: Center Commander, Sergeant First Class

Company: U.S. Army

Anthony Fey is the center commander and sergeant first class in the United States Army. Mr. Fey has dedicated 15 years of service to his country and has been in his current position for the past nine. He was deployed twice, once to Afghanistan and once to Iraq, and received various awards and honors, both in the Army and in recruiting, which is one of his major responsibilities. Mr. Fey understands that enlisting young individuals into the military could change their lives indefinitely, and he enjoys being able to assist individuals who want to better themselves by utilizing the Army scholarship program. Mr. Fey also works with schools and organizations to promote the Army as an employment and career opportunity, presents formal and informal speeches, evaluates applicants’ occupational, educational, and psychological background, administers physical examinations, and counsels. He believes he has been able to excel in his profession because he works hard and is passionate about finding qualified candidates to join the Army. Mr. Fey looks to continue his work with the Army in the coming years.

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Anthony Fey

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