Stewart Drum

Drum, Stewart 1756533Title: Director of Operations

Company: HCI Integrated Solutions

Location: Fairfax, VA

Fairfax, VA, June 4, 2014, Stewart W. Drum, LTC (R), Director of Operations for HCI Integrated Solutions, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements and leadership in logistics.

Mr. Drum served in the United States Army for 22 years and retired as a lieutenant colonel in 2001. Halfway through his military career, Mr. Drum got involved in logistics. This move shaped the rest of his career. Today, Mr. Drum has 30 years of experience in operations and logistics, and spent the last 11 years as a contractor in logistics and operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Drum joined HCI Integrated Solutions in December 2013 and is responsible for answering directly to the executive vice president for all corporate defense logistics group operations, and organizing, planning, and executing support of all project and program contract activities. He also provides advice and guidance, as well as daily supervision and direction to subordinate operational support staff and program managers, and ensures the completion and delivery of project and program requirements and providing a cohesive and stable workforce

Mr. Drum is an invaluable asset to HCI due to his past positions and military experience. He believes that, while serving in the military, he had the opportunity to have the best of two worlds, an infantry officer with a Secondary in Quartermaster (Logistics). This helped groom him to have a better understanding of concepts, implementation, planning and coordination.

While he is highly accomplished Mr. Drum states the highlight of his career occurred while he was working in Iraq, during the President Bush tenure. He decided to beef up the battlefield with 50,000 soldiers – this was known as “surge.” He was the distinct position in Baghdad, Iraq, to plan all aspects for this influx to include new housing, dining facilities, recreation centers, laundries, and even portable water making. This event took about one year to plan and execute since all items had to be trucked in from neighboring countries. Mr. Drum earned various military awards and commendations for his work. He attributes his success to his perseverance, and desire to be challenged.

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