E. Laird Hansen

Title: Board Chair

Company: Verity Credit Union

Location: Washington

Washington, July 30, 2014, E. Laird Hansen, Board Chair of Verity Credit Union, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements and leadership in the Air Force.

Mr. Hansen started his career in the military, graduating as a Distinguished Graduate Air Force ROTC. After completing three years of navigation school he flew for the Air Force. He completed 14 years of air duties with some of those in special ops and navigation air sea rescue. Mr. Hansen received numerous awards for his dedicated service and earned the reputation as a well-respected leader.

He retired as colonel and professor of aerospace studies. He then went on to work at Boeing for 14 years. Mr. Hansen then became involved with Verity because his last assignment put him in charge of the University of Washington’s Aerospace Science Department. An expert in international relations, Mr. Hansen is responsible for serving as an active board member.

He attributes his success to his strong sense of ethics, instilled in him by his grandparents. Looking toward the future, Mr. Hansen hopes to continue to stay engaged within the industry, and continue to mentor.

Contact E. Laird Hansen

E. Laird Hansen

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