Leslie Dillard

fghgfhgfTitle: Chief of the Force Protection Branch, Headquarters Department of the Army, G-8

Company: U.S. Army

Location: Jonesboro, GA

Jonesboro, GA, September 30, 2014, LTC(P) Leslie Dillard, Chief of the Force Protection Branch, Headquarters Department of the Army, G-8 for the U.S. Army, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements and leadership in defense services.

Inspired by her father, who also served in the Army for 38 years, LTC(P) Dillard made the decision to pursue a career in the armed forces. She has been serving her country for more than 30 years and was promoted to her current rank one year ago. LTC(P) Dillard has been stationed around the world and across the United States. She has become well-respected for her chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear officer duties, as well as her expertise in emergency management and homeland defense. LTC(P) Dillard enjoys the challenges that come with her profession and the interaction she experiences with other soldiers. She believes there is something about the camaraderie of being in an organization where you have to rely on each other to survive. Throughout her career, LTC(P) has positively impacted the lives of countless soldiers. She feels she has been blessed to experience many firsts for the U.S. Army, collaborating with some phenomenal enlisted, NCOs and officers along the way.

Although highly accomplished, LTC(P) Dillard believes two scenarios stand out in her career. She states, “All my assignments with the exception of one have tested my ability to develop a new capability or take an organization in a new direction. I’m known for developing teams. First, the development of the Army’s initial doctrine for Mass Casualty Decontamination which supports the Homeland and secondly, the certification of the 773rd Civil Support Team as a valued partner supporting the NATO Response Force the first time a US CBRN Asset has ever had that distinction. Many said that it could not be done. When the establishment says it can’t be done, that’s when soldiers step in and prove them wrong!”

LTC(P) Dillard serves as the Chief of the Force Protection Branch, ODCS, G-8 where she oversees and manages .5 billion in material and equipment, coordinates plans and programs across the Army to determine defense-wide funding within the Army Program Objective Memorandum (POM) process, and leads the branch in developing investment and resourcing strategies in the Army POM Process. She also supports HQDA G8 with CBRN expertise on staffing actions, including National Strategic level documents. She attributes her success to her faith in God, the soldiers she has worked with, and the support of her mother, who taught her the correct way to behave and live. Looking forward to years of continued services, LTC(P) Dillard intends to progress to a general officer.

LTC(P) Dillard conducts numerous speaking engagements. To view some of her speeches, please visit the sites below:

Black History Month Celebration:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ67LsjcFb4 (starting at 4:00 min)

Guest speaker for Educators Conference:

Medical Symposium:
http://www.afneurope.net/Home/ArticleDisplayDD/tabid/649/Default.aspx?aid=24509 (51 Secs in)

NATO Republic of Georgia:
http://www.afneurope.net/Home/ArticleDisplayDD/tabid/649/Default.aspx?aid=26135 (23 secs in)

Spoken Word Performance:

Leslie Dillard

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