Thomas A. Gutshall III, Chaplain

Thomas Gutshall 1493742Title: Chief of Chaplains USV/A

Company: United States Volunteers/America

Location: Concord, CA

Thomas A. Gutshall III received his calling in 1981. He walked into AA a year prior as an atheist trying to get sober. He was very uncomfortable when he heard God’s name in the 12 steps, but forced the words of the prayer. It was then he felt God’s hand on his shoulder. After that first year of sobriety, he continued to build a relationship with God, which continued after his ordination as an Anglican priest in 1995. Mr. Gutshall knows firsthand the affects of PTSD, having been diagnosed with the disorder. Working with other veterans is good therapy for him; it is all about serving God and serving the veterans. Mr. Gutshall works as a stand-down coordinator for East Bay, North and South, and chaplain coordinator for people 24/7 on event days. During events, they help homeless vets see dentists, doctors and legal professionals. They hand out clothing, sleeping bags and new shoes or boots. The goal is to get vets off the streets and become productive members of society. In California, there are 600 homeless Vietnam vets alone. Mr. Gutshall does all he can to assist them in getting their lives back on track. He counsels veterans and gets to know them on a personal level.  His work is his life and Mr. Gutshall intends to continue working with veterans for years to come.

Contact Thomas A. Gutshall III, Chaplain 

Thomas A. Gutshall

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