Charles L. Mosely

Charles Mosely 1946441Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: All Coast Aircraft Recovery

Location: Weirsdale, FL

Charles L. Mosely started his professional journey in the United States Navy. He retired after dedicating 35 years of service as an aviation maintenance officer. He made the decision to establish a company that would allow him to utilize the skills and knowledge he learned during his time in the military. Mr. Mosely founded All Coast Aircraft Recovery in 1999. All Coast Aircraft is an aircraft relocation and restoration company that brings historical aircraft to new locations. The company has moved numerous aircraft in support of various military museum systems, and has also moved numerous civilian aviation aircraft. Mr. Mosely is a certified air-frame and power plant mechanic, as well as a FAA certified pilot, and excels in the area of logistics support. He spends his days working with clients and overseeing the crew. Mr. Mosely enjoys working with a team of carefully chosen aviation professionals, and being instrumental in placing historic aircraft on display at museums that preserve and protect these assets for future generations to learn about, and appreciate their part in our country’s rich aviation heritage. In the coming years, Mr. Mosely intends to continue on the same road and expand the business.

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Charles L. Mosely

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