Kenneth Walters

Title: Staff Sergeant (Retired)

Company: United States Air Force

Location: Carlisle, PA

Mr. Walters retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1986 as a receiving clerk due to medical conditions. He received many ribbons and medals while serving in the military. He also won 16 medals including gold, silver and bronze, as well as two plaques from competing in various wheelchair games, such as the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, Appalachian Wheelchair Games, and the National Rifle Association and Beeman Air Rifle Competitions. He pursues ongoing training in the military as an aircraft electrician, as well as in base supply. He also attends non-commissioned officer leadership training. An expert in aircraft electrical systems, he oversaw the supply section and operating lines at Edwards Air Force Base and performed clerical duties. Mr. Walters was inspired to join the military by two high school friends who chose that path. He is extremely proud of his career and attributes his success to the training he received in the military.

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Kenneth R. Walters

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