Jim Harkins, Jr.

James HarkinsTitle: QF-4 Pilot, Controller

Company: United States Air Force

Location: New Mexico

Jim Harkins, Jr.’s passion for flying airplanes led him to pursue a military career. Mr. Harkins has been involved with the United States Air Force for more than three decades and currently services as a controller and QF-4 pilot. Mr. Harkins has extensive experience flying fighter jets and spends his days performing office work in order to support daily flying operations and unmanned test shots, flying remote controlled test planes from a computer system, and testing systems prior to purchase. He also flies two to three times a week. Mr. Harkins created a national record for altitude by flying 36,000 feet in a sailplane and a record in Colorado state junior distance. He believes the highlight of his career was being the first combat-ready American in the Royal Air Force Jaguar Fighter. Mr. Harkins is a certified sailplane instructor and certified airline transport pilot and attributes his success to his early exposure to flying, perseverance, luck and education received from the United States Air Force Academy.

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Jim Harkins, Jr.

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