Michael Raymond Callahan

Michael Raymond CallahanTitle: Maintenance Worker II (Retired)

Company: U.S. Army/Clarks County Parks and RPM

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV, April 8, 2016, Michael Callahan, Former U.S. Army professional and retired Maintenance Worker II for Clark County Parks and RPM, has been recognized by Elite American Military for his dedication, achievements and leadership in public safety.

In his current capacity, he handles maintenance of all facilities including all grounds maintenance-irrigation systems, arbor services, horticulture services, conducts emergency services training for cadets, consults with information and safety officers, and writes grants for nonprofit organizations. Mr. Callahan is also in charge of overseeing inspections and assessing risks. He holds a particular expertise in the area of grounds, horticultural and irrigation maintenance.

With more than 24 years of professional experience under his belt, Mr. Callahan strives for excellence in his every endeavor, attributing his success to his dedication, hard work and determination to see things through to the end. He became involved in his profession because of his desire to give back to his country through the Civil Air Patrol and U.S. Army National Guard. Mr. Callahan has designed and maintained the website for the 100th Quartermaster Company in Army Knowledge Online. Previously, he assisted others in the 100th to find employment. He is also the unit historian, an instructor, mentor, emergency services and information officer, safety officer and public affairs officer for the Civil Air Patrol. He was selected as Professional of the Year by Cambridge Who’s Who, and previously served as a public administrator; in this position, he was responsible for putting out news bulletins. He is also with Army National Guard, the Reserve 92, and the Water Purification Tech, and he oversees setup of distribution equipment and that main is taken care of and well maintained. Mr. Callahan is also a park maintenance worker for Clark County, and he writes grants for non-profit organizations. He was a combat arms instructor in the Air Force.

Mr. Callahan received the U.S. Army’s prestigious Commendation Medal for his outstanding efforts during his tour of service. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from American InterContinental University after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, as well. The highlight of his career was going though basic combat training at Fort Dix, located in New Jersey. The difficult and fast-paced training during those six weeks made him keenly aware of his surroundings, shaping him into a logical and critical-thinking individual.

Michael Raymond Callahan was originally selected for inclusion in EliteAMERICAN Military in January 2011 and 2015. We are proud to be featuring Mr. Callahan again in EliteAMERICAN Military for 2016.

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Michael Raymond Callahan

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