Major General Joseph Nguyen

Nguyen, Joseph 1961917Company: GPSHBLPO – Global Public Safety Human Being Life Protection Organization

Title: President

Location: Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, NJ, April 14, 2016, Major General Joseph Nguyen, President of the Global Public Safety Human Being Life Protection Organization, has been recognized by Elite American Military for his dedication, achievements and leadership in anti-terrorism efforts.

“We must find a way for people to comply so that they do not practice terrorism,” says Mr. Nguyen, who has been committed to protecting others for more than 31 years. An Asian-American from Saigon, Vietnam, he believes that the U.S. is the key to unlocking peace across the globe. He says if the U.S. were to implement new laws and international force, it’d be the first step toward a new world order. He established his nonprofit organization to conduct research and develop a plan to bring to the government to help stop terrorism in his lifetime.

Mr. Nguyen served in the U.S. Army during the time when extremely serious war crimes were being caused by North Vietnamese communists. He was recruited by the U.S. Army Green Beret Special Force’s fifth group, where he dedicated more than 700 hours to the Apache Helicopter Operations. In recognition of his professional excellence, Mr. Nguyen was the recipient of  several awards for his military and civic service, including a Certificate of Special Recognition from former Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford, a citation from the New Jersey Senate, a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for his efforts on behalf of the U.S. Army Veterans Support Command, and a Certificate of Honor from the mayor of Jersey City.

In his career, Mr. Nguyen believes he has met with success because of his persistence in accomplishing his goals. It’s this work ethic that he expects to help the U.S. become stronger than ever and enact an end to terrorism. Looking ahead, he intends to continue working against terrorism.

Contact Major General Joseph Nguyen

Nguyen, Joseph 1961917

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