Ronald J. Hagen

ronald-hagenCompany: United States Air Force

Location: Gulfport, MS United States



GULFPORT, MS, February 3, 2017, Ronald J. Hagen, of the United States Air Force, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in nutritional medicine.

Mr. Hagen brings 30 years of professional experience to his position with the United States Air Force.  Throughout his career, he has set himself apart as an expert in the areas of diet therapy and nutritional medicine. Each day, he is responsible for managing nutritional medicine operations. Through the Air Force, Mr. Hagen was deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm and Chile earthquake relief, and he participated in a national-level exercise.

Looking back, Mr. Hagen attributes his success to his involvement with an excellent chain of command in the military, and to the support he receives from his family. He became involved in his profession because of his interest in biology and passion for serving the military. One of the highlights of Mr. Hagen’s career was going to Chile as part of the management team to help with the earthquake relief.

Mr. Hagen received a bachelor’s degree and an associate degree from the Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy. He maintains affiliation with the National Eagle Scout Association, the Dietary Managers Association and his local homeowners association, which he serves as director at large. In years to come, Mr. Hagen aims to obtain a master’s degree and become a master sergeant.

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