Stet Reid

Title: President

Company: Stet Inc.

Location: Alamogordo, NM

Richard “Stet” Reid comes from a military family that has served the United States since the Civil War. Growing up in the Deep South around military personnel, Mr. Reid grew to appreciate the idea of service and was inspired to join. Now a retired colonel, Mr. Reid dedicated 27 years of service to the United States Air Force. After leaving the military, Mr. Reid got involved in consulting, and has consulted with various organizations and individuals over the years, including the Air Force. In 2010, he established his own consulting firm, Stet Inc. and served as the company’s president. In his role, Mr. Reid bid on government contracts, managed Air Force logistics and transportation services, reviewed contracts, and advised clients. Mr. Reid’s hard work, military background and industry knowledge made him a sought-after professional who others trusted to give sound advice. Recently retired, Mr. Reid looks to maintain the clients his company’s works for while getting involved in other activities.  Continue reading

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Anthony Fey

Anthony FeyTitle: Center Commander, Sergeant First Class

Company: U.S. Army

Anthony Fey is the center commander and sergeant first class in the United States Army. Mr. Fey has dedicated 15 years of service to his country and has been in his current position for the past nine. He was deployed twice, once to Afghanistan and once to Iraq, and received various awards and honors, both in the Army and in recruiting, which is one of his major responsibilities. Mr. Fey understands that enlisting young individuals into the military could change their lives indefinitely, and he enjoys being able to assist individuals who want to better themselves by utilizing the Army scholarship program. Mr. Fey also works with schools and organizations to promote the Army as an employment and career opportunity, presents formal and informal speeches, evaluates applicants’ occupational, educational, and psychological background, administers physical examinations, and counsels. He believes he has been able to excel in his profession because he works hard and is passionate about finding qualified candidates to join the Army. Mr. Fey looks to continue his work with the Army in the coming years.

Contact Anthony Fey

Anthony Fey

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Kenneth Jensen

Kenneth JensenTitle: Program Manager

Company: Hill Air Force Base

After gaining experience in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force, Kenneth Robert Jensen received an opportunity to work in program management. For the past 13 years, he has served as the program manager for the Hill Air Force Base. Mr. Jensen’s expertise in logistics enables him to fulfill his responsibilities on the base, including managing weapons and a team of members who ensure the availability and reliability of the system. Mr. Jensen holds a certification in executive acquisitions logistics management level III and held positions in the logistics management department for the Navy and Air Force. His past experience and strong skill set make him a respected and highly regarded leader on base. For his exceptional work, Mr. Jensen was awarded Al Gore’s Hammer Award, and earned the Commanders AMMO Elite award from his commander at Hill Air Force Base in September and December 2013. He attributes his 27 years of professional success to his hard work and dedication. Mr. Jensen aspires to work in a joint U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force program. He would also like to attain a management position in the private sector in the future.

Contact Kenneth Jensen

Kenneth Jensen

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Cheryl Wilkinson

Cheryl  WilkinsonTitle: Veteran Consultant

Company: Transitional Assistance

HAWAII, March 10, 2014, Cheryl Wilkinson, Veteran Consultant for Transitional Assistance, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements and leadership in working with veterans. Continue Reading

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Douglas Fairbanks

Douglas FairbanksTitle: CPA (Retired)

Company: State of Cailifornia

Location: Monterey Park, CA

MONTEREY PARK, CA, February 20, 2014, Douglas Fairbanks, Retired CPA for the State of California, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements and leadership in the United States Air Force. Continue Reading

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John Mitchell

John MitchellTitle: Director of Public Relations and Strategic Communications

Company: United States Army

Location: Silver Spring, MD

Dedicated to serving his country, John Mitchell joined the United States Army. While serving, he was presented with the opportunity to advance his career and become the director of public relations and strategic communications. Mr. Mitchell joined the military in 2002 and served in various information operations leadership roles. He was stationed across Europe and gained experience in operational planning, intelligence and security clearance processes, and military logistics. In his current role, Mr. Mitchell draws on his diplomatic and crisis communication skills to guide his team, manage PR coordination activities, solve problems, and monitor situations. He is a natural born leader who provides his team and colleagues with sound guidance. Mr. Mitchell’s written and oral communication skills are second to none and enable him to excel in his post. Mr. Mitchell earned a master’s degree in professional studies and strategic public relations at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University.

Contact John Mitchell

John Mitchell

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Cedric Matsuoka

Cedric MatsuokaTitle: President

Company: Ced’s Plumbing Inc.

Location: Captain Cook, HI

Cedric Matsuoka is the president of Ced’s Plumbing Inc., a plumbing contracting company that offers clients on the big island of Hawaii a variety of contracting plumbing services. The company is certified by the Better Business Bureau. Mr. Matsuoka has garnered 33 years of professional experience and has been serving as the president for the past 14 years. He ensures that he is able to provide his clients with the highest quality services through continuing to obtain industry certifications. Mr. Matsuoka is certified in medical gases, fire sprinkler systems, ductile iron pipe, forced mains, high-density polyethylene, and residential and commercial solar panel installations. Prior to starting his company, Mr. Matsuoka served in the 25th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army from 1975 through 1980, when he was honorably discharged with the rank of E-5. The skills he learned during his time in the military have helped him excel in all his other professional endeavors. He attributes all the success he has experienced to his dedication and hard work.

Contact Cedric Matsuoka

Cedric Matsuoka

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Hector Guzman

Hector GuzmanTitle: Ramp Lead Agent

Company: US Airways

Location: Rosedale, NY

ROSEDALE, NY, February 23, 2012, Hector Guzman, Ramp Lead Agent at US Airways, has been recognized by Elite American Public Servants for his dedication, achievements, and leadership in airline support services. Continue Reading

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Capt. Ray Black

Ray Black 1765620Title: Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President

Company: CDA Technical Institute

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL, May 15, 2014, Capt. Ray Black, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of CDA Technical Institute, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in training and consulting. Continue reading

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Cyrus McAllister

Cyrus McAllisterTitle: First Sergeant, Retired

Company: U.S. Army

MILFORD, IN, April 17, 2014, Cyrus 1st Sgt. Cyrus R. McAllister III, retired first sergeant for the United States Army, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements and leadership in the protection of the United States. Continue reading

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